Groundbreaking study examines effects of screen time on kids

Another day, another report on screens and our brains. CBS News always does such great pieces on this topic, and again it’s a MUST-watch for parents. The conclusion is what we’ve been saying all along – we don’t really have any data – YET – as to what all this means for our kids, their brains and their future. But early indicators, especially the studies done on infants and screen time (most fascinating), say our overuse isn’t good. We’ll continue to learn more as the studies play out over time, but let’s be mindful. Let’s learn from the college students mentioned in this piece who limited their screen time to 30 minutes a day, and suddenly felt less lonely and depressed. Let’s make educated attempts to do a better job of using this as a tool, as opposed to letting it use us. #screentime #parenting #techsafety #techhealth

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