More screen time for toddlers is tied to poorer development a few years later, study says

Over the past few years, my presentations to PreK-2nd graders (and their parents) have quadrupled in popularity. The reason why shouldn’t shock you, as our kids are getting their hands on devices younger and younger. A recent study is shedding some light on what this may mean for our toddlers, and the results aren’t positive. This study identified a correlation between increased screen time in toddlers and poorer development. While there are some limitations to this study and its findings, here’s what we do know: Parents can control screen time. Screen time is leading to less sleep and less reading for our kids, both of which aren’t good. We don’t need to entirely ditch tech (although pediatricians recommend kids under 2 should), but being a bit more aware of how much time our little ones have with screens is important. #parenting #tech

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