When Social Media Is Really Problematic for Adolescents

Another really important and thought-provoking post from the The New York Times on social media and mental health. I think the shift in focus on this is so tremendously important as we continue to dive into how social media impacts us and our kids. We may not have a definitive answer to this until we can really collect some good, long-term data, but the information we do have now really tells us we should be paying attention to the role social media can play in our mental health. #parenting #digitalhealth #digitalsafety #socialmedia

“‘We have sort of checked out of parenting in the digital domain and had them do their own thing both because we felt completely inept next to them, but also because they said, ‘this is my space, not yours,’ Dr. Rich said. ‘They need us in that space — we draw an artificial distinction between online and offline, real world and virtual world,” while for them it is a seamless reality, he said. “We need to parent them in that space.’”

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