YouTube Kids Scare

When I initially saw this article, I was hesitant to post because I hate just posting an alarming problem without an actionable solution. That being said, today was the 5th time someone mentioned this article to me, so I want to share and discuss. Here’s the reality, YouTube (Kids) is no different than any other app or site out there; even the most innocuous spaces can be corrupted by one or two bad players. So since there’s no guaranteed, 100% safe place, then we do what we can. We don’t just let our kids sit in front of YouTube (or any other app/site for that matter) unsupervised. Once our kids put their hands on a tablet or iPod, we should have this really tough conversation with them, and let them know they can come to us if something inappropriate or scary comes up. Personally, I don’t let my kids search anything – but that doesn’t mean one of their friends won’t, or they won’t accidentally stumble upon something on a school device. Awareness, conversations and involvement are the only guarantees we have as parents in any situation (drinking, sex, disturbing unsolicited YouTube videos). As parents, we do what we can to steer our kids away from the bad stuff, which includes conversations about what to do should the bad stuff arise. Take a deep breath, your parenting can trump these things. 💖

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