High School

High school kids have seen it all and really in the thick of creating online reputations – whether they know it or not. What they often don’t understand is that people besides their friends (i.e. Colleges, law enforcement, principals, parents, and potential employers) are looking in on these behaviors regularly. With everything today being chronicled on social media, it’s important students this age fully understand where things go, and how it can impact them today or 5-10 years down the line.

The High School presentation features an interactive program that invites students to share their personal experiences as Katie shares hers, plus:

  • Social Networking
    • How your digital brand is being established, and who can see what
    • Who are you connecting with
    • Your life captured and shared instantly
    • College admissions
    • Social networking and employment
  • Sexting
    • Definition
    • Legal ramifications and long-term implications
    • Respect
    • Sexting coersion
  • Cyberbullying
    • Definition – cyberbullying versus conflict
    • Real life implications
    • Reporting best practices
  • Digital Tattoos:
    • What you send, share or save stays there
    • How digital branding can go right
    • How digital branding can go wrong
  • Apps
    • Latest apps/trends
    • What’s tracked, what can be saved/shared and how it impacts you
    • Troublesome apps
  • Viral kindness
  • Q&A: Time permitting, Katie invites questions from students