I have the literal and emotional experience to speak about internet safety with authority.


My journey as an internet safety keynote speaker started off with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, where, as the Director of Internet Safety, I was directly involved with the development of one of the first internet safety programs ever. From there, I transitioned into working with the Massachusetts State Police as an Intelligence Analyst. The internet was a mysterious, gargantuan force that made people nervous ("What's happening next?") so I developed a educational program that helped to put people as ease while keeping communities safe.

Since my days working with law enforcement, I've created my own approach to internet safety that realistically considers the appeal of technology for people of all ages. My keynote speaker work has led to features in USA Today, TIME Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Parents Magazine, the Meredith Vieira Show, the O'Reilly Factor, CNN, Inside Edition and More. I'm also a contributor to ModernMom and an advisory board member on the Internet Keep Safe Coalition.

I've helped shaped the minds and policies of hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and people across North America. I've spoken at schools big and small and I've advised governments and private agencies as they develop their own policies.

Now pursuing my Ph.D in Criminology with an exploration on teens and the internet, I'm determined to push our lopsided relationship with technology to one of balance. I recognize that my message could positively shape someone's life outlook, and it's a responsibility I take seriously. I want every household in America to have the education and tools to manage technology in healthy way.

I literally love what I do.


"I'm sure you do these presentations a lot and wonder the impact it has. It truly did make an impact on my daughter and her friends they will carry throughout there lives!! Thanks again for all you are doing."

L.C. - Framingham, MA Mom & Professional

Technology is unavoidable—even for four year olds.

I create custom talks for kids, teens, and even grownups that help audience understand social media, new trends, health, and more.