The Internet doesn’t have to be scary... 👻




I'm a keynote speaker who empowers kids, parents, staff, and bosses to use technology in a healthy and safe way.


The Internet is an amazing tool that enriches lives—when used properly.

While my background is working with law enforcement, my perspective on the internet as a keynote speaker is usually surprising: I believe that the Internet is an amazing tool that enriches lives—when it's used properly.

For the past decade, I've been a keynote speaker at schools, law enforcement agencies, large corporations, community organizations, and major national conferences throughout North America. I see it as my job to make a scary thing less intimidating by equipping my audiences—young and old—with useful information that brings awareness to our relationship with technology.


My keynotes are educational, real, and fun. Nothing is off limits.


Technology is unavoidable—even for four year olds.

As a keynote speaker, I create custom talks for kids, teens, and even grownups that help audiences understand privacy, social media, trends, health, and more.